Managing false alarm activations

CCTV cameras can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs. This ensures that crime against people – as well as theft and vandalism – are sustainably reduced. However, it’s estimated that 95% of alarms triggered are false alarm activations. For example, CCTV cameras can detect movements such as the fall of a tree branch due to the effect of the wind. This might activate an alarm as if there was an intrusion.


Types of false alarms

The following might cause a false alarm: 

  • Animals, insects or wildlife 
  • Weather factors, such as wind or rain 
  • Tree branches or other objects easily moved by the wind
  • Shadows or sudden lighting changes
  • Dirt or cobwebs covering the camera lens 

Keyholder response 

As a business owner, it must be frustrating being the person responsible to attend your business premises in the event of an alarm activation… especially if it’s false! Not only this, but if an alarm activation was genuine, it may be quite daunting knowing that there’s potentially an intruder present on your business premises.  

Careline Response has a team of officers who can attend your business premises on your behalf in the event of an alarm activation. They will conduct a thorough internal and external patrol, checking for any signs of damage or forced entry. In the unfortunate event of a genuine activation, our officers will remain at the premises until the emergency services and nominated escalation contact arrive to provide ongoing assistance as required. 

Keyholding and alarm response benefits

  • Reduced Risk - one of the obvious benefits of using keyholding services is that you don’t have to respond to an alarm or incident in person. 
  • Convenience – whatever your circumstances, using our keyholder service means you are covered 24/7, 365 days a year. 
  • Threat Reduction - protecting your property or premises with a professional security company, not only acts as a serious deterrent to criminals but can also reduce insurance costs. 
  • Leave it to the professionals – if you task your staff or yourself with keyholding duties, you are potentially exposing them or yourself to undue stress and potential legal issues.