Mobile patrols

Flexible, fluid property security solution

Mobile patrols

Mobile patrols provide a visible and cost-effective deterrent against break-ins, vandalism and criminal activity at your business premises. They can overlay and complement other Careline Response solutions, including Keyholding Services, to allow Mobile Patrol Officers to secure your building inside and out. For you, that means a flexible fluid property security solution, which is particularly valuable in environments where static patrols may not be practical or financially viable.

Careline Response Officers will patrol your site in a visible, fully liveried security patrol vehicle and undertake a pre-determined patrol covering all access points, perimeters and areas necessary. Security patrols are carried out at random time intervals, at a frequency agreed with the customer.

We’re an ACS Approved Contractor and all of our Mobile Patrol Officers are fully trained to perform a range of on-site security functions, including securing a site after hours and reacting responsively should a breach of security occur, notifying emergency services where required.

Mobile Patrols

Why do you need us?

Mobile patrols benefits

A visible deter

Marked security vans will bee noticed instantly from a distance. This will act as a deterrent for anyone considering committing criminal activity.

Quick response

Mobile patrols can act quickly in the event of an emergency. Having access to a vehicle means that our patrol officers can approach criminal acts fast.

Peace of mind

Mobile patrol officers provide you with a service that not even the best CCTV cameras can offer, and that’s being your eyes and ears when you’re not there.

Patrol multiple locations

The patrol officers van can monitor several areas during their shift, which can be beneficial if your business is on a larger premises.

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